Andrew Huang vs. Plonk


Never has a eurorack video been that well produced.

Also, that is a really good track buried in there.

Andrew is very talented. Great to see someone as “mainstream” as he is showing intellijel a little love. Well deserved.

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When you say mainstream, is this guy well known in the pop world? Or YouTube famous? Or do you mean mainstream in his musical target audience?
Just wondering as I’ve never heard of him. I’m passing no judgement as many I have seen many butthurt modular scene people doing. Quite a few people clearly jealous of the guys musical ability around.

I guess youtube famous would be most accurate, I put mainstream in quotes for a reason. 1M followers is no joke and the talent is undeniable. I watch some of his stuff and he claims to pump out 100 songs a year. Not too shabby

could we get some of those exciters he used? or what parameters are similar?

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