Amps — Dual, Multi-Function and Chainable VCA

Amps contains two precision linear VCAs that have been carefully designed to offer a wealth of flexibility and additional functionality. The front panel controls and signal normals allow these two VCAs to also be configured to function as: line level boosters, crossfaders, ring modulators, mixers, and much more. They can also be chained together by way of an included cable to form larger, more complex systems.

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I don’t see it mentioned, so I assume it’s not present, but is there any level of saturation/overdrive available, or are these completely clean?

When Amps is set to zero decibels, is it completely clean, or does is still give off some degree of character/distortion?

I suspect the answer to this is “no”, but here goes: does Amps chain into other modules, such as Mixup or Outs? E.g., does chaining Amps into Outs bridge the two Amps channels into the Outs’s left/right channels, respectively? (Obviously this can be patched, but I’m wondering about the back-panel connections.) Thanks.