Alternatives to traditional 16step drum/gate sequencers?

i picked up a Varigate 8+ a few months ago, and i really don’t like the work flow (love love love the voltage block tho). I also have a beatstep pro and with the latest update, it really makes the varigate redundant for me, since i can program the bsp way faster.

Question is, what sort of modules/combo are you using for more organic, less linear, but still percussive gates/triggers?

I’ve had great sequences from bitranger, but i can only get a couple of gates out of it, and i’d like to be able to control a few more voices. what can i fill the varigate’s hp with that’s a little different?


Lots of logic (Intellijel Plog for instance), Euclidean pattern generators (Pamela’s New Workout, Shakmat Knight’s Gallop), random sources and sequential switches will get you far. Another fun all in one module is something like Tiptop’s trigger riot. Lots of polyrhythms and interesting patterns come from tweaking that.

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so i picked up a tempi and variatic sequent, drove the clock with the noise 1u.

i found the whole situation to be much more organic. i also recently picked up a disting mk4, and after i recorded the video below, realized that it has dual euclidean pattern mode (H5), so i’ll give that a shot later.

all these gates in just 24hp :slight_smile: