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Alternative power for 7U cases


Is it possible to power a 7U 104hp case from a DC supply, e.g. battery or PV solar panel(s) ?


yep. i use this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0745CZDDL/


That’s a really neat solution. Sadly it’s showing as currently unavailable.
What size rack are you using it with, and how long do you get ?


The input voltage for the case power supply is from 15-18V so you could use another battery pack with a similar voltage range. Just pay attention to the connector polarity indicated on the back of the case. If you find something that works, post about it here!


I was reading in the comments on one of Anne Annie’s videos that she used something from Goal Zero to power her system in her “Modular Road Trip”.

I’m not sure which model, but their base unit seems pretty reasonable: https://www.goalzero.com/shop/power-stations/goal-zero-yeti-150-portable-power-station/


Thanks for the info.

The GoalZero range look nice, though I’m in the UK, so I’ll look out for something similar, but suitable for charging from 220/240V.

I really like Anne Annies’s road trip videos. Indeed they’ve contributed towards inspiring me to want to play in a natural setting.


Yeah me too! That’s exactly why I was looking into portable solutions. Love to hear from people’s experiences on this.

Also, if you do some videos of your system in a natural setting be sure to share it with us!


Slightly off topic, but Ann Annie is a guy.


Oh really? You can understand why the name threw me off, right?




The Goal Zero Yeti 150 is Modified Sine Wave and not Pure Sine Wave output. Is that a concern or no?


album release page mentions “her”, the mystery lives on.


I just noticed on a Make Noise video out in a park they say they’re using this guy: https://www.amazon.com/100-Watt-Portable-Generator-40800mAh-Emergency/dp/B01M3S00H0


@ScottMFR, you’ve confused me. That Paxcess device outputs 12V, but kamil said that the 7U case needs to see 15-18V for it to derive the +/- 12V rails. So, is the Paxcess outputting a bit more than 12V, or is the 7U happy with a mere 12V ?


Oh you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that. I guess the Make Noise cases only use 12V.


The Paxcess also has regular 110V AC, so you can just plug in the power supply as you would to a normal outlet.