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Alternative / portable power for 7U cases


Will do! The difficulty of finding information and the amount of confusion out there made me think it would be a good topic for an article. That and the fact that it’s a problem I want to solve for myself!

Right now I’m leaning toward the Aimtom SPS-155


Cool, thanks.
I am in Europe so this particular model would not apply here I think. Just one more thing to consider for the article, different power specifications around the globe! :wink:
Thanks again for your help.


@ScottMFR Just seconding modular’s request that you consider users in UK/Europe in your article. There’s definitely a need for such an article – looking forward to it.

Regarding the USB PSUs designed for phones/laptops. Whilst these often have considerable capacity (40Ahr or more, which is plenty), most of them can’t pump it out at a rate sufficient for our needs. I’ve not found any that can deliver more than 2A or so. I reckon 4A would be better, as this has to be shared between all 3 voltage rails.


I’ll definitely consider UK wigglers, but I wont have any way of testing how products made for that market would work. I’ll be sure to spend some time checking out euro alternatives though.


Maybe someone will offer to pay for a flight to the UK so you can test some power solutions there


I am considering this one. Any thoughts?


And does it have to be a pure sine inverter for eurorack (usually more expensive from what I can gather, and for more delicate equipment)? The one linked above has a modified wave apparently.


I kept researching and I believe I will go with a pure sine inverter battery. Another question I have is grounding. Portable batteries do not have a ground usually - is this a problem to use them with eurorack? Will it create electrical hum and/or static electricity/“floating” in the modular?