Alternative handles for the 7u performance cases?

Hi all, I recently got myself a 7u 104hp stealth case. A lovely thing but IMO the one element which lessens th e loveliness a bit is the super harsh handle, its a bit too rectangular and imposing as it doesn’t fold away at all. When the case is angled up for performance it is not sleek.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has swapped the handle for something a bit more subtle? For example, a strap handle, or something like this

The reason I ask is because the fixing holes for the case seem to be roughly 11.7cm apart - and that’s not a standard as far as I can tell, so has anyone found a like-for-like replacement with similar dimensions which would enable me to swap handles without drilling into the case?

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I’m also super interested in this…
I was considering making a custom 3D printed handle if there isn’t one available, but seems like one of these foldy handles would be pretty ideal.

Did you figure anything out yet?