Alternate stand for 7U/84hp case

I like the retractable feet on the case but the angle is flat enough that the case takes up more space on my desk than I can really afford. Currently I’ve got the legs extended and propped on the case lid, but I’d like invest in an amp stand/guitar stand of the kind I’ve seen lots of people use for their cases.

Anyone tried one they could recommend?

I have one branded “FretRest” that I bought at Guitar Center. It was pretty cheap. I spent about 20 minutes customizing it with a hacksaw and it worked well with a pretty heavy Pittsburgh Modular 6U/104hp wooden case. I’d recommend it if you don’t mind doing the mods (maybe you won’t have to?).

Update: I solved this problem inadvertently. There’s a well-known Ikea hack which turns Ekby Valter shelf ears (?) and Lansa drawer-pulls into a stand for an Elektron machine.

Just want to confirm this raises the angle of an Intellijel case to almost the perfect level. Super stable.

Only about $10.00

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Thanks for sharing!
Which size of the Valter stands (18 or 28) did you use to build it?