Alternate Firmware

So all of the manuals for the Intellijel products have this big legal spiel about how alternate firmware voids your warranty and stuff and nobody really cares. US legal system, what can I say? But I was wondering if anybody had any alternate firmware for anything, what it did (and to what module), and whether you guys would share it here. For instance, I would love a dark plonk that can do something with blue or brown or grey noise as an exciter. I have absolutely NO IDEA how to do that! Or perhaps a steppy that could swap or randomise which channel outputs from where at the touch of a button. Stuff like that.

Also I would love to see something become like a really legit distortion pedal- maybe rainmaker?

What do you guys think?

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No idea how to do it, but would love to use an audio in (which would unfortunately take up that valuable mod jack :frowning:) as an exciter for plonk rather than just the white noise. Otherwise it would be exactly the same.

@squire80513 for pink/blue noise, just filter it. Brownian noise is more complicated I can’t help you there.