Advice: Stereo Line Out 1U -> Speakers Level?

Hi All,

So my audio interface has just died on me. I thought in the absence of getting a new one I would be able to plug my modular system directly into my speakers from my 7U case with the use of the Stereo Line Out 1U module.

Signal path: Modular signals → Stereo Line Out 1U → 7U case (with V2 jacks) → speakers.

My understanding is the Stereo Line Out 1U module would bring down modular level to line level @ 12 O’Clock unity position), however I’m not sure what peak-to-peak voltage the signal would be with barely turning the knob (~100mV?) however the signals are too loud already at that position.

The only thought I have is that as my speakers have the output power capability of 110 dB SPL, that even ~100mV is significant in a small environment.

Any thoughts?

Anyone got some ideas?

I have done this with powered monitors. It works well and is safe. The gain needs to attenuated somewhere, either on the Line out module, or on the monitors. You don’t need to go through a computer audio interface. You can even run the out through the line in on a recorder and then out to the monitors to be able to record a performance while listening on speakers. It’s just a matter of getting the needed cables.

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Thanks for the response @zoundsabar

My monitors are powered, Genelec 8050B.

I’m patching a sound source (Intellijel DixieI+) directly into the the Intellijel Stereo Line Out 1U which is connected through an Intellijel 7U case directly into my speakers.
Turning the knob on the output module only a minor bit, the output amplitude is quite significant already.

As Intellijel states, unity gain @ line level is at 12’o’clock.
Line level is 0dbv = 1v pk

I can’t imagine the amplitude out of my speakers at unity line level.

I might be stating the obvious, but you are not mentioning the input sensitivity setting on your monitors. Have you checked that’s it’s not actually set to boost the signal?

On the 8050B, it looks like you can boost by +6dB and that the default factory setting is -6dB. I also notice that the sensitivity setting requires a screwdriver to be tuned in, and that the range is inverted (+6dB is left/CCW, 0db 12 o’clock, -6dB is right/CW). Could it be that you are actually boosting the signal with the sensitivity setting of your monitors by 12dB compared to their factory settings?

Thanks @Kosmikos

My monitors are set to their default settings of -6dB.

My Genelec 8030 monitors have a wide ranging input gain control. If yours don’t, maybe you’ll need a monitor level controller that gives you some attenuation. Then you could use the full range of the output knob on your modular.

According to the 8050B manual, the legend on that control is “INPUT SENSITIVITY REQUIRED FOR 100db SPL @ 1m”. On the default setting, that means that -6dBu of input will give you 100dB of output - the 0dBV “standard line output” is +2.2dBu, so it will be quite loud!

Thanks for this, makes sense for why it’s so loud at such low signal levels