ADSR Release CV control?

Hope to not bring up an strange question:

How can I modulate the sustain or release of the ADSR module? (No CV inputs).
The idea is to expression control like piano sustain and release pedals. Most synth can do this. Am I overlooking something?

Or might CV for ADSR be a very valid option for ADSR generation 2
Is there a workaround?

Thank you

Hi Yornav,

With Intellijel’s Dual ADSR there are no CV inputs for sustain or release so these parameters cannot be controlled. However, you can scale the entire envelope using the LEVEL CV input or you could control it using an external VCA. Something like Quadrax would give you control of RISE and FALL times using CV, and while there is no sustain CV input you can control the overall level of the function.

Hope that clears things up!

Thank you! I just saw I wrote about controlling the sustain but I meant the RELEASE.
Anyway the overall LEVEL is interesting for sure from that perspective.

The Idea is to have plucked notes where the RELEASE is controled. I guess the Quadrax is the answer for this.
Thank you, you cleared up my confusion :grin:

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