Additional outs

He guys!

I’m thinking about adding 4 additional outputs on the back of my 7u 104hp case for multitracking.

I already bought the 7u Audio Jacks Board V2, but i’m not sure how to approach this.

I’m thinking about drill sizes and distance between the holes.

Any help would be appreciated.


You mean like this?

It was a pretty easy mod. I’ll take some measurements on Monday, but I ended up using a center punch and a stepped drill bit.

I’ve got it connected to two mix ups and and i/o. It give me 6 outs and 2 ins. Pretty solid for my multi tracking needs.



Very cool!

Okay, so keep in mind I live in the US and we use this awful system of measurement that barely anyone else in the world uses.

With that said, I measured across the two outside jacks as best I could center to center. I found the total distance to be 2 5/8ths inches across 4 jacks. So the center to center measurement between neighboring jacks would be 7/8ths of an inch (2 5/8 / 3 or 2.625 / 3)

I marked a line as best I could on the top of the case so that it ran through the existing audio board holes. This gave me a reference of the plane the new holes should lie on. (The old audio board was removed while I worked on the case) Then I measured just proud of 7/8th of an inch inward from the last audio board hole making sure my measurement was from center to center (edge of the existing hole + 7/8ths inches - radius of existing hole)

I marked from there where my center punches should strike.

Once I had my punches placed, I used a stepped drill bit, and made sure to vacuum and remove debris while I bored the new holes. I don’t remember how wide I had to go, but it was over 1/4 inch diameter. I just kept doing a dry fit every step when I knew I was getting close. And once it fit in, I stopped.

I still need to get some hardware, but sharing the bolts between two audio boards has been working fine for now.

I hope that helps!


Ah this is just great! Thank you very much!

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