Adding more busses to intellijel 7u


I need to add more modules (I’m using a few 2hp modules) to the intellijel 7u cases, and I’ve runout of busses, how can I add more busses, is there a ribbon cable attachment.

Also, another unrelated question, I have two different cases, one running on tiptop power and another the intellijel 7u case, is there any foreseeable problem connecting the two cases together? I’ve been reading things about ‘grounding’ and got quite confused!

Thanks in advance

I’ve started a thread asking the same as your second question but no replies yet 🤷…

I used to use a Tiptop flying bus before as a way to add extra connections in my intellijel Performance case without any problems. Just check your power needs as to not exceed your power supply.

We have an FAQ entry on adding more headers here: What do I do if I run out of headers on my TPS power supply? – Intellijel Designs Inc.

Using a flying bus cable as @mattmatt suggested for your CV utilities is probably the best solution.

Regarding joining cases, it’s hard to comment on other manufacturers compatibility but it shouldn’t cause any issues.