7u travel case

Hi Intellijel and community.

I just wanted to share some pictures of this beautiful slip/travel case my partner made for me (i’m a lucky duck!) for the 7u 84hp case. I wanted something really simple that could protect in light rain, and that still uses the beautiful handle on the case itself.

We found this waterproof material at Value Village (from a beautiful old cymbal bag) and got inspired. It cost $10 in the end. It has a reinforced side and bottom panels and the material has felt padding on the inside. All that is left now is to add some velcro to seal it!

Just wanted to share in case it inspires others!

IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1100


Very cool! Reminds me of some drum bags I’ve used

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Yah, I think the material was from a percussion bag of some sort originally. It was a huge kind of semi circle shape (cymbal or gong or something). :slight_smile:

Nice work! I like the slim profile and I imagine it would pack down flat for storage when you’re not using it.


Looks good! That is very similar to the original concept I had for a travel bag (recycling the handle already present on the case).