7U Performance case PCB mount question

Hi, long time lurker, first time poster.
Let me apologize in advance for my inane, probably somewhat OCD driven question and additionally that this awareness hasn’t stopped me from creating a new topic with a somewhat vulgarly verbose first post.

Anyway; I’m rearranging and dusting out my cherished 7U case and since it’s the first time in years the case is completely empty I decided to tighten the screws on the headerboards a bit as they’ve always had a bit play when disconnecting power cables (of course I try to always disconnect by pulling on the connector while simultaneously pressing down on the board and not janking the cable like some maniac ;)). As I tightened the last screw it occurred to me that perhaps the wiggle room is intentional to prevent mechanical stress on the boards that might occur through slight case torsion and inevitable thermal expansion/contraction and that maybe I should leave them alone lest I suffer cracked traces in what would probably be 4 or 5 decades… Can anyone weight in on this?

Thanks, and sorry,


Hey :slight_smile: I have several cases (bought within the past 3 years) and none of them have much wiggle at all. One moves a little more than the others, the one with the most usage.

Since you are pressing down mindfully while unplugging ribbons, i think you’ll be OK either way but I too wonder whether wiggle room hurts or helps or matters at all in a studio situation. I would personally want them tight for transporting. Happy holidays!