7U Performance Case Midi Thru

I’ve read that the Midi Input in the 7U performance case will pass to the Midi Thru. Does this include if you are using the USB Midi input, instead of the traditional 5 pin input?

No, this only applies to the 5-pin MIDI input.

Hey! Another question regarding this - will MIDI from the MIDI IN port on the case pass to the MIDI THRU pins on the board if it is not connected to an Intellijel module? I am using them with expert sleepers UART pins instead and am hoping it can work that way.

Unfortunately no, it will not, because that requires a kind of buffer circuit to be present and the board is entirely passive. The buffer circuit is built into the MIDI modules.

In that case is it possible to passively split the MIDI IN connection to two modules using a split jumper wire? Or would that cause electrical issues

I don’t think you can passively split MIDI, you need a thru box

Managed to do it for my case.
I used the MIDI OUT as an IN port as it gets passively multiplied to another UART pair on the board. I re-labeled the ports, MIDI IN is now what previously was the OUT port and vice versa for midi OUT.

The passive splitting allows me to take an incoming signal, split it into a Disting as well as a FH-2. Seems to work for now, will update here if ever encounter issues.

NOTE: This absolutely does not work for MIDI OUT purposes. you can’t passively merge two outs. Don’t try it. It only works when there is only one device transmitting data on the cable.

I saw this thread and knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted to use the midi ports on the intellijel case without using the umidi module.

So i use a pyramid (squarp) the drives my FH-2 for all my midi to cv conversions. Currently I’m using the USB A port on the FH-2, but would like to make use of the midi in port on the intellijel performance case and potentially get midi to my disting EX as well. So what do i need to do to supply midi to my FH-2 and disting EX through the midi ports on the back of the performance case? Thanks for the help.