7u performance case bottom screws

did I lose 2 of my bottom screws on my 7u performance case? There are only 6 screws, but 8 holes. If so, what screws do I need?

Thanks. Andre.

Likely the screws for the bus board. I would open a ticket with Intellijel Support. I’m certain they could tell you what type of screw it is.

So on yours there are screws in every hole?

I’ll check when I get home tomorrow.

Thanks. I owe you a beer.

My cases have no empty holes. I wonder, if yours fell out because they busted through the thread, new screws may not hold anyway. You may want to try with a screw from another hole before tracking down new ones. Good luck

I just unscrewed one of the others. They have a corresponding thread in the hole. The two without a screw don’t have that. Maybe the holes are just there if I would change to another type of busboard. Will check back with Intellijel.

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Still in contact with intelli support. It seems there are 2 screws and threads missing on my case. No big deal, but they offered to send replacement screws and thread at no cost other than shipping. Very kind.