Question on buying in retailer vs direct

So as possibly many others i’ve been checking this site and reverb daily for 7u84HP stock.
Yesterday I saw that Moog Audio has a Black Friday sale on the 7U-84HP so i immediately purchased thinking they had stock coming soon. I have emailed them about the timeframes and they said Intellijel said “it will take 2-3 months as they have a lot of backorders.”

So now I’m realizing that maybe i should not have been waiting for the intellijel site to show stock. I should have been placing an order with a reseller way back and waited for my turn.

Is this right or does Intellijel still reserve some stock for it’s own website? Shuld i be continuing to check here daily to try and grab one when it comes available or is my backorder the fastest avenue now?

That’s a valid question. Intellijel will always prioritize our dealers, since this is where we sell the highest volume of our products. Our dealers are able to place pre-orders while we do not, so the fastest and most reliable way to get a hold of one of our cases is probably to go through your favourite retailer.

The exception is our B-Stock inventory. These items are not available through our dealers and go up on our website as soon as they become available.

thank you Scott. I’ll keep checking here for those B-stock threads. Any chance you could tell me if there is a significant difference in wait time between the black and silver 7u84hps?

I don’t think so. At this point the power board is the factor delaying the next batch. We are actually working on a new version of the TPS80W power board used in these cases. Once this is complete it will be used in the next round of cases.

Oh, and you can find the B-Stock inventory here: