7U Perfomance Case Not Working

Today I bought a 7U performance case from Control in Brooklyn. When I switched it on with a few modules plugged, I got no sound out of my Endorphin.es - Cockpit mixer (which was previously working moments before in my Elite case) no matter the sound source. I also got no signal directly out of the modules other than noise. My Voltage Block was receiving random gate signals, and every module seemed powered but was not working correctly. This worried me, so I switched it off it after noticing these things. I am thinking it is a faulty case, and I am slightly worried it damaged some of my modules. I contacted them and am going to try another one at Control tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone here or at Intellijel has run into a 7U performance case with similar issues.

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Don’t know if this will help, but the first time I got a 7U case something like this happened. Seemed like only a few modules turned on. It turned out that I had one of the cables reversed. RED wasn’t on RED. Fixed it, and it was all good. It seemed to stop the power going through the rest of the system when it detected a reverse cable.

Check the power supply in the case to see if all 3 lights are on when you turn it on. Should have a light on the +12 +5 -12 volts. The lights are in the middle right next to the 2nd tier board. When I had a reverse cable, only 1 or 2 lit up.

Just triple check the cables. Also, just go 1 module at a time to see it turn on. Might just be 1 faulty power connector but the rest works.

Good luck!

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TonyIdaho nailed it.

If something like this happens, check that all the rail LEDs are lighting. Remove all your modules and check that all the rails are lighting. Then put your modules back in one at a time to determine when the weirdness occurs.

If one of the LEDs is not lighting with all modules removed, be sure to e-mail support@intellijel.com

Also, note that on the TPS power board the headers are oriented in sort of a spiral formation. Be sure to connect the red stripes on the ribbon cables to the white lines on the power board.