7u perf case and power consumption

Hi, I have question.
I own a 7U 104hp performance case that is rated for max 1500mA on 5v.
I’m planning to put a Hermod+ and a Bluebox Eurorack in the case.
Both of them are rated at 850mA at 5v, so in total the consumption will be 1700mA which is over the limit.
According to modulargrid, these 2 modules are the only with a consumption on 5v in my rack.
In the rack +12v and -12v consumption are well below the respective limit defined by intellijel (around 60%).

So my questions are:

  • do I have any chance that the case will support the 2 modules together in the same rack ?
  • am I going to damage the modules or the case if I try ?

Thanks for you help