7u case - pedal AND audio I/O 1U modules?

Is it possible to use the 2 sets of jacks on the back of the 7u case with a Pedal 1U module and the Audio I/O module? I have no need for audio in, so I want to use the Pedal in/out on one set of jacks, and just audio out with the other set.

Is that possible given how the Audio I/O 1U module is wired? Or… is there a better way to do this? I rly don’t want to clutter up my 1U space with jack modules, since I really do only need a pedal in/out and a Left/Right Out from the case.


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Seconded. Could we get a wiring diagram for this?

You can definitely do that with some custom wiring. I previously posted the pinout for the audio headers on the cases here:

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Cool, thanks!! I’ll find a friend who knows what this means and they’ll help me out, dope!!