7U Case MIDI Thru (DIN) over USB

I got my 7U case 6 month ago!! A single word: Perfect for me as I travel a lot by plane and I never encounter any problems on security checks, even fully patched.
But I facing a problem, even though I thing there are no issues on it. Can you get the MIDI thru DIN (or out DIN) sending the MIDI data received by the USB input. I simply want to assign Ch1 to µMIDI to the front panel CVs and the others (all actually) MIDI channels to the thru MIDI DIN to control others gears?
From now, I only succeed in sending MIDI in DIN data to pass thru the MIDI DIN Thru.
I really hope there is a way to solve this issue.


Sorry, that’s not possible. The THRU is a hard thru, it just copies whatever signal is on the DIN IN jack. It is not driven by the µMIDI in any way.

And so - MIDI thru on 7u case functions if there is MIDI input, without the uMIDI 1U?