7u case joiner plate spec?

So, like some others here I’m hoping to flip my case upside-down (1u row on bottom) but keep it angled up with an integrated (or easily attachable) kickstand.

and it seems that the joiner plates are the best solution but lower the angle significantly and extend back pretty far for this purpose.

Any change we could get the measurements of the jagged portion if we wanted to cut our own custom legs and still get the case to bear on the correct points?

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I made my own joiners. Instead of being close to 90 degrees I made mine 120 degrees.

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Any chance you can share your stl, dxf, or other file?

Don’t have any drawings. I’m a machinist in a past life just created my own with the available tools I have. If I knew how to insert a photo in this forum I send you a few pics of the procedure, it’s quite simple.

Hi, I have 3d printed a stand for my case a while ago. You can use my model, if you want. Just cut off the stand part and use the joiner.


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