7u case 1/4″ audio input jacks and external instrument

I have connected a MPC Live to the !/4 inch inputs on the 7U case and it seems like I’m getting some sort of grounding hum. Is there any way to fix the grounding problem? Would mono instrument cables cause the problem? The case require TRS cables.

Using balanced TRS 1/4" cables is the best way to connect things to avoid noise, but unfortunately ground hums and noise can come from all kinds of sources and connections and can be really hard to diagnose.

Sometimes even USB peripherals can do it. Connecting things to different power outlets or having everything on the same power outlet can sometimes fix it. Getting a power conditioner usually helps too.

Thank you Scott,
I will try switching the cables to see if that makes a difference. I do have the µMIDI installed in the case but its not connected to any outside usb peripherals as of yet. Is there any module you are aware of that is made to eliminate ground noise?

Well there’s plenty of modules made to create noise!

The Audio IO and case jacks are made to have a clean output, but all kinds of gremlins can creep into your signal.