7U 84hp - Power power power - extra 5V

I´d like to install more (USB) power in my case - semi-separate from the PSU feeding my modules.
Would it be as simple as using a larger power brick, then Y split power cable inside, feeding internal PSU + a DC step down converter on the same 15V line?

Could add thicker cables.
Many options to step down 15V to 5v, from Alibaba stuff to the pro gear:
Cosel STMGFS 30W Isolated DC-DC Voltage in 18 → 76 V dc, Voltage out 5V dc 6A
Heat will not be a problem, can make a 6-8hp heat sink + ventilation grid.

Just need power to iPad Pro and other suchness. Have a Doepfer A-183-9 4 USB power lying around.

But as the Marathon Man was asked: Is it safe?

I will reply to my own self, also for bumpness:

I don´t have an answer to my own question here, but I do have a related question.
I wanna drive a little module that has the following power input spec: “+5 to +30 volts DC, at 2 watt”.
Can that be done from the 7U 84hp PSU?

That should technically be possible, if it’s a TPS80 then it’s an 80W power supply so should have power to spare.

I wouldn’t be tell you whether your desired power scheme is safe or good without reviewing the details, but in general we don’t advise on power configurations other than the supported ones with products that we sell. There’s just too many variables and we don’t have the resources to be able to test every proposal. So the best I could tell you is “I think it would work” but can’t make any guarantees :slight_smile: