7U 104HP CASE - MODULE Height Vert Fit Issue

Hey Guys

I just bought a 7U 104HP performance case.
Im having issues with the height of the middle 3U.
It seems to be 1 or 2 mm to short vertically and I cannot align Modules to fit.
You can make the module sit flush on either the top or the bottom, but the opposite side is raised, and sits on the rail.

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can’t speak for your case, but on my (Doepfer/DIY) rails that often happens because the rails pivot over the two screws that fix them (left and right) to the case. If you have a similar construction, untighten/adjust/tighten is hopefully a simple solution.

Best to email support@intellijel.com for any support issues, and include a picture of the left and right middle rail with no modules on it. Quick thought, it could be as @eewee mentioned, that the middle rail needs to be re-aligned a touch.

I had to make adjustments to the rails on mine when i received it. This is what I did:

  1. Loosen the screws on the outside of the case (the ones on either side of each rail)

  2. Use a very small screwdriver to adjust the position of the rail (I literally stuck the head of the screw driver in to the hole and dragged it into the right place)

  3. When the rail is in the correct position, insert the module screws into the panel lightly to hold the rail in place,

  4. When all of your modules are in place, tighten the outer screws on the case and tighten the screws on your modules.

Yeah I just adjusted the screws on the side of the case slightly to tilt the rail upwards. Job done.

Thanks guys… I adjusted the screws, still a tight fit, but worked…

I just had the same problem with a new 104HP Intellijel case from Sweetwater. I think the middle rail was just over tightened causing it to bow in the middle. I loosened the screws and flipped the rail 180 degrees and now it’s completely fine.