64hp Control Rack - help me fill it

I’d like to build out a control-oriented rack and am pondering exactly how to do it. I have a few other racks of modulars, Analogue Solutions Generator and Oberkorn CV sequencers, and a half dozen semi-modular synths.

If there are others that have built out similar racks I’d love to hear about the modules used.

Alternatively (sigh) I haven’t bought the 64hp rack yet and am considering getting the 104hp instead and adding a Metropolix. Good idea or redundant with my AS sequencers?

Screenshot 2021-10-13 095431

Modulargrid made that too easy…

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I would definitely support your decision to get a 104 and have Metropolix in there! The 104 gives you a lot more room for 1U utilities too which will really be helpful. For example, it gives you room for both Steppy and Quadratt!

Thanks, I’m good with the 104hp plan + Metropolix.

Any ideas on how to fill the 12hp gaping hole, staring at us with sorrow and longing?

That’s a tougher call! If you took out a Gx you could fit Quadrax in there.

One approach would be to use a Quad VCA and just have it dedicated to CV purposes. Shifty and Plog might also be useful depending on what you’re controlling.

Mimetic digitalis would slot in their nicely, gives you four lanes of randomly generated CV.

That looks like a great addition! Thanks!

Just a note that the short Palette is 62hp, in case you return to that option.

In either scenario I like Plog (8hp), which should go nicely with Steppy 1u and your other tools. Or Shifty and a uVCAII. It’s hard to “beat” the Quad VCA suggestion!

Oops, I see the blank space in the top row now. Thanks for pointing that out.

One (expensive) option for generating a LOT moar control signals in 12HP would be two Ansible modules, together with a Grid and an Arc

As others have suggested, the Mimetic Digitalis is a lot of fun; I have a 62hp Palette with Steppy + MD + uScale + Atlantis and it’s fantastic.

Other options:

  • Xaoc’s Batumi (4 LFO) or Zadar (4 complex envelopes) are both 10hp, though the expanders are useful but too wide to fit (3hp)
  • some kind of logic module, for combining gates etc - Plog would fit with 4hp left over; 2hp makes a combo module with a 3->1 OR along with a 3->1 AND, etc
  • utility / routing modules, like the Befaco / Divkid Mutes or a switched multiple
  • moar VCAs and attenuators

Here is my 104 control case``

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

It has given me some ideas to move stuff around a little between my two Intellijel racks.

Yeah that’s a nice control case! Although personally I like having Planar on the far right to make it more accessible.

Look at Pamela’s New Workout for that open space. It is an incredibly powerful clock/gate/random voltage/looped voltage/euclidean rhythm/and more module.