4U x 104HP Palette Gig Bag internal dimensions

Just wondering what the internal dimension for the new version of the bag is?.. Seems ideal to fit an OB-6 desktop and keystep 37 combo…

Just measured mine - my 104HP x 4U gig bag just fits the Palette with the lid and together they are 4" tall.

The OB-6 Desktop’s specs say it’s 4.4" tall, so I don’t think it would fit.

Just got one, the OB-6 desktop w/ decksaver and Keystep 37 on top is a snug fit…

Hi honkfink. I just want to clarify, since you mention it being a “snug fit”, will this gig bag work just fine for an OB-6 desktop + decksaver? Thanks.

Yes, I was able to fit in a Keystep 37 as well on top, rotated 180 degress so that knobs were at the shallower end.