4U Performance Case?

Hi guys.
Is there any 4U performance case planned ? (with input jack, midi and anything)

We’ve been thinking of doing a 4U skiff that sits in front of the 7U case and can contain stuff like the tetrapad, planar, and other controller modules. Nothing designed yet so don’t expect it any time soon :slight_smile: For now we just have our existing 4U cases.


@kamil - I like what you’re working with here.
I’ve got the 7U case and also have a 4U case and there’s that little extra space between the control skiff and the main case that does indeed seem to trouble me. It shouldn’t… but you know, it does.
I’d love it if they met just right together… that would make my more ocd side deeply pleased.

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Sounds interesting! I assume this means some manner of connector joining this possible 4U case to the 7U? If so, something with extra flexibility in terms of angle might be nice as there is likely considerable variety in preference for the specific angle/orientation of such controller modules.

Put me down for one if/when the time comes! :slight_smile:

We’ll definitely consider that if/when we design such a thing

I would personally LOVE to see a 4U 54 hp case. I just got a 42 hp one and it’s just a little tight with the Planar taking up so much space. Just throwing it out there…in desperation…


How would you feel about 60HP?

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I wouldn’t say no to that :slight_smile: Some sort of in-between the two current sizes.

A 104 4U skiff that connects to either the top or bottom of the 7U case would be an instabuy for sure!


Agree completely!