4u cases and makerbeam

Maybe this isn’t news to anyone who would care … but I just discovered that makerbeam is compatible with the extruded aluminum parts of the 4u cases. I had a makerbeam XL kit for another project and while looking at the side of the 4u case realized I could attach a couple of makerbeam “legs”. Now, I’m thinking of stacking 2 cases. Anyone else played with makerbeam and IJ cases?

yes, I’ve got a case in my office that has makerbeam “feet” to put it on an angle.

Photo please! :smiley:

Here’s photos of the ones attached to the 4U case in my office. It’s an old proto case so it’s kind of beat up, and I’m not sure why the forum decided to rotate the images, but hopefully you get the idea :slight_smile:



Well now I feel really stupid! I didn’t realize there was a groove on the bottom of the case too. I attached my legs to the back of the case (which works just as well I suppose), One question though: I’m new to Makerbeam and didn’t know you could attach the end of a beam directly to another like that. Is this just a simple matter of inserting the M3 bolt inside the rail and screwing on the leg beam? I used corner cubes for this.

Yes, you can insert the bolt into the rail, or a nut, or piece of threaded strip, etc.

I this case I just put the bolt right into the groove and then screwed the makerbeam into that.


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Ooh this makes for exciting new possibilities!