4u 104 plug


I’m bases in Ireland and my 4u case came with an American power cord/ plug which doesn’t work here .it says 16A 250v but all the spare cords I have are 10A 250. Can I use the 10A 250v or is that a problem?


In the US, power cords have to use wire to match the current capacity of the type of outlet they plug into, for safety in case of a short circuit within the cord or the device. According to the internet, Ireland uses UK-style plugs with a fuse in the plug which protects the cord, so the cord only needs to match the device (and the fuse also needs to be sized to protect both, of course).

Your 4U case certainly won’t draw 10 A × 240 V = 2400 W — it’d be a space heater if it did — so your 10 A cord will be perfectly fine.

tnx so much for your response. I’m new to this and I have just started to build my first modular and one of the first modules i connected doesn’t seem to be working ( erica synths pico quant) . I thought i had blown it by using the wrong cord.!