2x Metropolix

Hello friends!

Is anyone out there running 2x metropolixes? I’ve been pondering this lately, as i’ve tried many many sequencers since acquiring the metropolix, and nothing compares for me. Probably the closest thing was the vector, but I still vastly prefer metropolix.

I guess i’m just wondering if this setup is just too fiddly/complex? Sometimes maintaining 2 voices in a logical way on a single metropolix can be a challenge, so maybe trying to do this dance on 2 at once would just be too much mental overhead… I’ve thought about pairing it with a Ryk, but the mod lanes and accumulator are the main magic to me, I don’t think I could live without those.


Hey! Not 2 metropolix, but I’m running mine with a dnipro metamorph and I think it’s a great pair! You can sequence into the metropolix and out to other modules. I’ve been using it to control the chord qualities of the shapeshifter, because with the sequence stopped, you can dial in the voltage of each step. Just a thought.

Planning on getting a second Metropolix this year so I’d say go for it! I’m a huge fan of having doubles of modules you deeply connect with. Yeah nothing else out there with the personality of the Metro. X2 all the way!

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