2x faulty Scales

Hi Intellis

I’ve bought 2 Scale units in the past week. Each has had faulty button issues.

The first unit had a Config button that stuck in the depressed position. The second unit had a Scale button that failed to respond to pushes, either to turn on or off. Two units with faulty buttons/assembly. What’s going on.

Does nobody test these things.

Hi Atomic101,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with Scales but I can assure you each one would have been tested and inspected by more than one person. For this reason it is highly unusual for two seperate units to have issues with buttons and I would like to get to the bottom of this.

Could you please send a message to support@intellijel.com? They will be happy to help you resolve this quickly and get to the bottom of why this occurred.


Thank you Danjel

I have sent an email as you requested

I will await instructions


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