2020 7u 104hp MIDI/USB connection options: diagram, etc

Love my case BUT not loving the having unused connections!
The new 1u MIDI options are slow coming to market. Buuuut I’m patient and leaving at least 14hp for the new uMIDI that’s been teased. :slight_smile:
Also, there doesn’t seem to be any (visible) plans for the MIDI OUT on the case, though I think we can expect that there is one in development.
In the meantime, I’d like to use a CV->MIDI OUT option I already have in my case but I’m having trouble finding a pinout diagram for the headers on the little board inside.
There isn’t a manual for the case, which is fine but…
And I guess I might as well use the MIDI in for another in-case thingie and possibly even the USB mayyyyybe.
Where can I find this information?

With MIDI 1U the MIDI OUT jack can finally be used as THRU from your USB midi connection. So a handy way to turn USB MIDI into DIN MIDI to chain to other devices.

MIDI 1U has started shipping (slowly) but we should have a much larger amount to get out to dealers soon. It has been a challenging summer!

Sure has!
Care to drop a hint about a CV->MIDI?
A little bird mentioned something about a configurable interface maybe…?

Also… didn’t really answer the question. I’m sure there are people out there with other plans for the I/O other than the in-house solution. Disting EX and such.

The MIDI OUT pin configuration has actually been shared in a separate forum thread here: Connect Pam’s to MIDI out on 7U case?