2 x 104HP cases stacked. What is the depth?


I have 1 x 104HP 7U case and want to get another.

My question is, if I join the two together, what is width. For example, I have a 55cm wide table, and I don’t want the joined modules to fall off.



Stacked generally implies one on top of each other… As you referenced ‘width’, the term your are looking for is ‘side by side’.

Simple solution is to measure the current case width, and multiple it by 2. Then you have your total width.

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I mean this. The depth in the red line

Oh, I see you, you want the depth. I had the same confusion cackling did, thinking “the width of a stacked case is the same as a single case…” Modifying the thread title to “how deep?” might get you some more useful answers.

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Mine are 84hp, but I believe both 7u setups are the same depth:

  • the depth that sits on the table is approx 45cm

  • the front top edge of the bottom case sticks out another bit so a cube around the whole setup would be approx 47cm deep

  • the back edge of the top case is a ~ 7cm inward from the imaginary cube’s back wall

  • 55cm is good to go, I think…:slight_smile:

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Thanks Zilvar. That is very helpful!

There’s also this information on the Case FAQ page:
What are the dimensions of two joined cases?
Bottom footprint (Front edge to rear foot of joiner) = 45cm (17 3/4")

Height of back corner of top case = 45cm (17 3/4")

The rear foot of the joiner is the farthest point of the two case assembly. The top case does not overhang the foot.

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cackling is something I do also…

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