1v per octave in firmware v1.36

Hi, I just had my Metropolis firmware updated to 1.36 at the factory last week and I’m assuming it’s calibrated to make use of the 1v per octave transposing via Aux P.pre, P.post etc.

However when trying this using my Aurturia keystep it doesn’t transpose for every key on the keyboard. The notes that will affect a transposed sequence are quite spread out (every 8 notes or so). Maybe I’m missing something? Does anyone know the best way to transpose a Metropolis sequence with a keyboard?
Thanks in advance.

That sounds to me like maybe the calibration got missed, luckily it’s a pretty easy process.

You just go into CALIB under the CONFIG menu. Send 0v from your Keystep and press the encoder (you’ll have to check on what C sends 0v), then press the key an octave up and press the encoder.

Here is my chance to ask a general eurorack question that I’ve pondered a few times over the years. Is a dummy cable a reliable way to send 0 volts to any input, or do buffers/impedance play a factor.

Definitely not reliable. If the other end of that cable touches anything conducting a current it will pass that to the jack. Even just touching it with your fingers can do the trick.