1U Zeroscope

So is this being discontinued or is production just slower on this one? I’ve noticed it out of stock for not all but most places and replenish is not as frequent as some other things.

Definitely not discontinued! Looks like there’s a few stores that have it: https://wigglehunt.com/?query=zeroscope&condition=&stock_status=in_&price_min=0&price_max=5000&currency_code=150&sort=price

If it’s any comfort (probably not!), I’m seeing delays in stock updates all over the place - and not only Intellijel. Just got notification of another week’s slippage on one item, earlier today.

It seems to me that demand often outstrips supply, and I don’t think we should underestimate the impact that the pandemic has had, either!

I’m still very much a newbie to Eurorack modular and of the hard lessons I’m learning, when it comes to buying stuff, the only thing is to order it anyway and then do my best to be patient, for however long it takes. It’s as frustrating as hell at the time, but that’s all forgotten when the module finally does arrive!

Sorry not to offer anything more positive than that, but maybe it helps to know we’re not alone in the Long Wait! :smiley:

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You are a breath of fresh air, like a summer breeze on a warm humid day.
Welcome, whole heartily to the community! :grinning: :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the replies. I know a few places have a few in stock and COVID is messing up a lot of the process, however, I felt like it was already a hard to find module. Maybe based on popularity. Sometimes right before a v2 comes out there’s still a few new modules floating around of previous versions.

Not gonna order a module not in stock but that’s a personal preference.

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