1U USB tile

i could do with some advice, does anyone know how to install the 1U USB tile into my Intellijel case? in the far right corner of my 7U 84HP unit, there’s a white rectangle with 3 pins sticking out, but the end of my USB plug has two inserts? Do I need an adapter? the blurb suggests this is needed for the TPS30MINI board version, however pretty sure i have the TPS80 power spec.
any advice appreciated, thanks

Hi Pinkvelvet,

You need to connect the 1U USB module’s 2-pin cable to the +5V/GND header on the power board. You can see it connected in this attached image. You don’t need an adaptor, it should connect directly to it.

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thanks very much, got it working with my usb light, and looking forward to powering some other gear. i couldn’t get it to charge my Iphone though.

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Yeah I have the same with my iPhone, I’ll check into it next week, I know Apple does something funny with the way they take a charge. My work around is a power bar with a USB plug on it. :slight_smile:

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I’d totally love to be able to charge iPhone with this. I bought a couple to fill in the 8hp gap in my 1u row and was hoping that it would charge (or at least prevent depleting) iPhone / iPad change (I know that iPad is nonstandard though).

Exactly similar was faced by me, due to USB cable issue Error 9 occurred on iPhone, after research I got to know & found tips from https://itunessupport.org/blog/fix-itunes-error-9/ here, I followed the instruction and fix it.

A passing comment from me on the 1U USB. Yes it’s a great idea, I have a number of USB powered pieces of equipment I can use it for, ipad, controller keyboard and other stuff that all marry up to the eurorack in some way so I was happy it would fill the gap in my 7HP case. But when it arrived, unlike most intellijel gear I have bought, it was slightly out of line. The build was off such that the connection socket was to high for the plate aperture and I couldn’t connect anything. No big deal, I took it apart and reseated everything straight but watch out for bad robots!!!

Hi, can you show where the 5v GND is on the board for 62hp palette case please?


Hi Paul,

The 5V jumpers for the USB Power 1U module are on the right side of the board and they’re shown in the manual as item E on page 9: https://intellijel.com/downloads/manuals/4u-palette-eurorack-case_manual_2019.07.25.pdf

On each regular power header you have the -12V pins at the far right and the GND pins are the 6 to the left of the -12V pair. From the far left of the header you have Gate, CV, and then +5V and +12V.

Hope that clears it up!

Thank you, much obliged


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Are there 5V jumpers on TPS80 rev 003 boards? I don’t see it.

I take it from the silence that the jumpers do not exist :slight_smile:

I have a spare header I can use for this. Do I connect the two jumper wires to the 5V pins on the header or something else?

Hi David,

Yes that is a older PSU that pre-dates 1U. You can certainly make an adapter so that you simply connect the +5 and GND on a spare 16 pin header.