1u uMidi connections

Does any one know what the pinout is for the connector between the 1u uMidi and the Midi Jacks? And are there any components on the Midi Jacks panel, or just the connectors? (I’m considering buying a uMidi, but I’d rather mount my own connectors on the back of my cabinet without using Midi Jacks at all if possible).

Also, there’s no information that I can find about what exactly the web configurator can control with uMidi: I can load the app in Google Chrome, but it won’t start without a uMidi present, so I can’t see what it can and can’t do. In particular, does anyone know if it’s possible to do the following:

  1. Control pitch bend range

  2. Pick which controller to use for the CC output (I’d rather use CC16 than Breath Control, since that’s what my Pro-2 sends out from its ribbon).

  3. Turn portamento on and off (and set the time/rate). I know this can be done with midi controller messages, but that’s a bit awkward compared to an app.

And one last suggestion: according to the manual, the learn button sets the MIDI channel. It’d be nice if it could also set the CC number (by wiggling some controller when holding down learn).

Many thanks!

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the pinout for the connector should be in the manual? I’m sorry I really don’t understand midi very much. I just know that the uMidi is plug and play for the most part. it just works. Then you can have fun messing around with the more important sound stuff and not have to waste time with MIDI. But It would be cool, I agree, to have more CC outputs. Maybe an expander?

There is no 1u uMidi manual - the page just points to the 3u version (which doesn’t need the Midi Jacks panel as the connectors are built into the 3u panel).

And I’m fine with the number of MIDI controllers it has - I just want to use different CC numbers so that it plays naturally with my other gear.

It can do 1 and 2, but not 3.

The pinout is here:

image https://forum.intellijel.com/uploads/default/original/1X/6ebc8d39c3b7925873ce61b0bd444cf3044cb1f5.png

There’s no other components on the jacks boards other than the connectors.

That’s great - thank you very much!

I didn’t know it had out and thru as well as in. Does it actually send anything out?

No, it’s just a hardware MIDI thru, the signal never hits the processor.

So I went ahead and bought one, and it all works nicely (including my wiring for the connectors on the back of my cabinet).

However, there’s one issue: it seems I can’t do (2) from the list above after all - that is I can’t pick a CC number for the CC output. The drop down list in the MIDI configurator tool only has two choices: aftertouch or breath control.

Please could you add the ability to pick any CC number!

Many thanks.