1U Stereo Out - Unity gain?

Hi Folks,
So I recently purchased a couple of 1U Stereo outs to connect to the jacks on my 7U case, giving me 4 channels to send to my mixer.
I was wondering if anybody know what position is unity gain on these things?
I also have an Audio I/O tools 1U for my other case, giving me two more channels. i presume the unity gain knob position would be the same there too?

It covers this in the manual. 12 o’clock is unity for +4 dbu pro level gear and 10 o’clock is unity for -10 dbv line level gear.

Audio IO also has +4 unity at 12 o’clock but it doesn’t have as much headroom as the Stereo Line Out.

Thanks for the reply.
I need to read up on the difference between +4dbu and -10dbv. Basically all I want is the signal level to be the same on both sides of the pot. I have all my sliders on my mixer set to 0db Unity. What do I need to set the pots at?

That would depend on your mixer, but it probably expects +4dBu. Check the manual.


General rule of thumb is that if you’re connecting something to an xlr input it will expect +4dbu. With TRS inputs it will sometimes give you the option with a switch, but it will sometimes label either LINE or -10 on the input. When in doubt check the manual.