1U Stereo Mixer Dream


i’m so happy with my 7u 104hp intellijel case, but for a perfect use of the built-in ¼” audio jacks, and Stereo Line Out 1U, i dream about a Stereo Mixer … something like that …

with Pan | Aux | Mute-Solo

What do you think ?


I do really like the idea of a 1U mixer!

My worry would be that the little knobs at the top would be a bit too crowded. Are the green and red dots next to the channel letters for mute/solo buttons?

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Yeah it would be impossible to fit those little pots that close, they are physically just too large. Underneath the panel they take up about as much space as a jack does, maybe a bit more.


If you look at Quadratt there’s switches above the knobs, so at least that’s possible. Duatt even manages to fit a switch between a pair of knobs. Maybe a similar layout to Quadratt could be used with mute switches above each channel. Maybe it could also be just the 4x input jacks and 2x output jacks with the sends and returns added as an expansion module.


I’d love a 1U mixer! Great for the palette cases. I also suggested it over in the 1U Wishlist thread. 1U modules wishlist

Fitting in enough pots for gain, pan and aux would be tough but just gain and pan would be enough for me. Even though it wouldn’t fit the Intellijel style, dual concentric pots like the ones Happy Nerding use could be a solution.


Hey, happy to see your interest, full of good remarks, yes it’s true the two little knobs (pan + aux) is too much for the space, I like the idea of having one 1u module for the mix and another one expansion module for Aux and Send.

Here a new version, based on Quadratt panel. only the mixer module.

under each Input I imagine buttons (like on Quadrax)
One short press is mute/unmute
One long press is solo
it would be super convenient.

Color code :
green (sound on)
red (mute)
blue (solo)

curious to have your feedback.

and an another imaginary panel for the 1u mixer

this one have the mute/solo lead button close to each volume knobs
and have 4 cv input for modulation, pitch or volume or both …

in the same spirit of Qudrax CV Assignation.

Great thread here, fam. I do think that mixers are always on our minds and glad to have this thread in the mix. Cheers and Happy Friday!

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Keep in mind, 1U pcb is only 22.5mm (much smaller than the panel height). Having two potentiometers vertically will not fit. Ergonomics is very important in product design in genetics, extra important with the Intellijel 1U format. The layout needs to be rethought out, and in general, too much functionality will only widen the module.

It’d be a dream come true if something like this existed and could also link up to a mixup. Very interested in having Aux sends as well. Great concepts!

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I mentioned it in another post a while ago, but I think a 1u version of Mixup with built-in line level conversion (perhaps selectable via jumper, in case of daisychaining) would be great.

We have been playing with stereo mixer design concepts since the inception of our 1U line.

Unfortunately the concept sketches people have posted where there is a mini pot above a regular pot are impossible to fit.

Tact switches for mutes requires a lot of extra circuitry. Toggle switches are easier to implement but all of this requires precious HP.

I think a full featured mixer is better left to the 3U space (mutes, sends etc.) so in 1U something more utilitarian and scalable is best.

This is 16hp, and can sum two stereo signals (or two mono). There are rear headers to chain in and out (with other 1U mixers or with a Mixup).


This is really nice but wouldn’t suit my needs. In a larger system, I think you’re right about mixing belonging in 3U, but with a palette case, my 3U space is taken up with sound sources, effects and CV sources and so a utility like mixing – to my mind – belongs in the 1U space.

How about dual-concentric pots so you could at least have level and pan? As you say, mutes and sends are suited to 3U space, but three/four channels, level pan and you can have my money today!

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Ok, I understand the constraints, but I still think having a stereo mixer 1u with volume and pan, close to the audio 1U Output really make sense.

calvertc is talking about dual-concentric pots , it seems like a good idea, right or it’s impossible to fit ?
like this, with Toggle switches for mute, that can be less HP than Quadratt…

let me dream, a little more …


The concentric pots Happy Nerding uses are a couple mm larger in diameter than the knobs on the Quadratt. I don’t know how much difference there is behind the panel.

There also seems to be a disconnect as to whether the inputs should be mono or stereo. I guess it depends on whether it will be used before or after the effects chain.

Lastly…4 voices in a palette case? You might be trying to cram too much in there. The 1U row isn’t as space efficient as 3U.

Something like this would be ideal for me to free up some 3U I use and a Quadratt I misuse to mix stereo signals.

Another approach might be to use the 1U space to add more functionality to a 3U mixer, similar to what Befaco does with their Hexmix and Hexpander or whatever they’re called.

So you would have a basic 3U mixer with level and panning control and maybe an Aux send/return if there’s room, then a 1U expander with additional Aux sends/returns that connects using a ribbon cable on the back.


a basic 3U mixer with level and panning + a 1U expander for AUX Sends/Returns. sound cool to me.


@Danjel this is exactly what I am looking for to fit in my palette! Is this 1u mixer coming out soon?

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