1U Quadratt Clarification

Hi all.
Just trying to clarify if this behaviour on my 1u Quadratt is normal.

All channels are set to UNI.

Output of osc running into input A on Quadratt
Output of Quadratt channel D running into main rack output.

I turn up patched input A, I hear sounds

I turn up unpatched input B, I still hear sound from input A

I turn up unpatched input C and sound gets quieter.

I turn up unpatched input D and sound completely vanishes.

This doesn’t seem correct, but can someone clarify if it’s meant to do this, and if so, why,

Thank you.!

That sounds correct,

By turning up B,C,D, you are adding a DC offset to your audio signal, effectively driving it into a solid HIGH Gate.

When the inputs are unpatched, they output a voltage from 0-5V (5V is normalled to the input), you can try the same but patch dummy cables (unpatached on one end) into the inputs, and you should notice that channels B,C,D won’t affect the output signal because you broke the 5V normal to the channel.

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