1u Out and Headphones - do i need a buffered multipe to split or will cables do?


I am using the new Stereo Line Out 1u module with second gen audio jacks and a 1u Headphone module - I’d like to perform with in-ears, so I need to split the signal cables carrying the stereo master audio.

I want to avoid loss of audio quality, but would rather use the space in the case for something else than a buffered multiple. Would stackcables / a passive split do the job without compromising audio quality?

I don’t know much about signal loss.

My final stereo audio output comes from the 4ms Wav Recorder and I won’t split the signal more than one time.

Does it have to do with the output of Wav Recorder being buffered/isolated or something like that?

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Simon Littauer

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I use stackables in this very same way to split audio from my 1u outs to my headphone 1u so I can monitor my eurorack during live performances. I have never noticed any loss of audio quality. I am sure, if measured, there is probably some minor loss in volume but nothing that can’t be compensated for by turning up your output.
Not sure I understand your last question: “Does it have to do with the output of Wav Recorder being buffered/isolated or something like that?”

May I ask why your final stereo output comes from the Wav Recorder and not your Stereo Line Out 1u module? Seems like you’d want to send a line output from your system to a PA/mixer/etc and not a eurorack level output. Or does the Wav Recorder output line level?

I’m a fan of your music!

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@Simontl you should be fine with a passive mult / stackcable / hub.

It’s also worth mentioning that the latest run of Headphones 1U modules have a jumper on the back to connect to the Stereo Out 1U module, so you can set up a monitor output without any multing or patching.


okay - would you be able to have stereo line out and headphones hooked up to second gen jacks at the same time then?

Yes, this connection uses the 3-pin header on the backs of the modules and does not interrupt the Stereo Outs 1U main output.

Good to hear - does the new version have a certain name or product code, so I can tell Schneiders Laden that I specifically want this latest version?