1U Multi-FX


Wow, where did that come from?
I do not recall having read any hint about it. Nice!

I LOVE FX! Might sell one of my two FX AIDs for this 1U bugger.

Some initial thoughts.

  • As per usual the clear and functional Intellijel UI will make it a simple joy to use.
  • I love that it has tap tempo and a clock input. I always used tap tempo when I had Magneto and OTO BIM. I miss a tap function on Mimeophon and FX AID.
  • I am VERY curious how the chorus will hold up against the amazing 106 Chorus from Feedback modules.
  • It may be a bit of a pity that stereo signals are summed to mono going through the FX engine, but then again maybe it does not matter all that much.
    I haven‘t really compared true stereo effects to mono-summing ones. Something for the near future.
  • Just imagine if MULTI-FX had two extra buttons to activate a ping-pong and reverse function for the delay… dang! I almost always use delays in stereo mode when available. Let‘s see how this one holds up in mono.
  • Is the clock input able to read continuously changing voltage levels and will it thus be possible to have it function as a CV input for, say, reverb size and chorus depth or speed in the future?
  • I wonder if I‘ll mind not having any CV control over anything. So it‘s more of a set-and-forget module, I guess.
  • PCB-wise it takes up a similar footprint as the versatile FX AID, which offers two CV inputs. One for an assignable parameter (or clock) and one for dry/wet. Makes me wonder if more functionality/fx could have been added to MULTI-FX. Then again, as mentioned before, the UI here is very spacious and inviting (as somewhat opposed to FX AID), so maybe it’s either one or the other. I‘m looking forward to comparing the two.
  • Would it make sense to add 16ths to the delay clock division setting (for external clock/tapped tempo)?
    So then we‘d have quarter notes (= incoming clock pulse/tapped tempo) at fully CW, dotted 8ths around 2:00, 8ths at noon, 8th note triplets at 10.00 and 16ths fully CCW.
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Here’s a few examples of how it sounds: https://youtu.be/R3pWyFygYPM


Is that an LPG i see hiding in the top left 1u? :slight_smile: Nice work on this, def grabbing one ASAP!


what a tease

Here‘s what Danjel answered to a question about the LPG on Facebook:

„The panel graphics are a simplification of the circuit. There is actually a 10n cap to ground after the LDR so it acts like a LPF. You could replace this with a resistor if you wanted. It is a simple, passive implementation but it works surprisingly well. A great use for spare 6hp you may find in your 1U row arrangements. We had some delay due to the slowdown in China but theyse should be ready soon . Lot’s more 1U still on the way too… :wink:

Notice that last sentence. :smiley:


Great sounds and patches.


The perfect time to get into modular! Luckily my Palette isn’t full…yet.


welp, there goes that money… of course had to get a duatt as well since I’ll have to take the quadratt out to make space :smiley:


Very nice!!


If you watch the MultiFX video at 6:40 you can hear the LPG 1U in action… I’m assuming because you can see the LPG trigger LEDs going off.
Now do I sell my LXd with the brand new black panel… or do I need FOUR LPGs?
I am pretty excited to see the LPG!

…Already have my MultiFX on order. Going to sell a Boss pedal to justify it :wink:


Looks incredibly useable! I don’t have a case with a 1U row but this might convince me to get a palette for the purpose of going in-depth on specific modules with fewer distractions, but still with some nice delay + reverb.

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wow, delivery around here is pretty wild. Ordered the MultiFX + Duatt at 1:30pm and had it delivered in Boston, MA at 9am the next morning. 20 hour delivery - can’t beat that :smiley: Only had a few minutes to play with the MultiFX but sounds great. Can’t wait to play more! Thanks Intellijel, becoming increasingly impressed by your operation in many ways.


Is there an ETA on these hitting the states?

I believe they started shipping to dealers this week or maybe even last week. I would check with your local retailers for an ETA.

Cool, thanks. Man I wish I had a local retailer. Everything modular in Texas comes from a far away land ;).

I know Texas is a big state, but you at least have Switched On Austin there (plus way more online retailers than here in the great white north of Canada!)


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Unfortunately S.O. is slow to restock