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1U modules wishlist

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A small output module (without input) connecting to the output jacks would be a fantastic space saving alternative to the big in/out module! :slight_smile:

Don’t remember seeing this earlier in this thread but a basic 1U “Recorder” module would be the JAM! Stereo In and a passthrough to Stereo Out. One button to stop/start record. Clock/trigger in to allow you capture loops if wanted.
At this point I use the Disting MK4 to record every single patch (def other options out there obv) and I now consider that an essential to any modular rig. Allows you to make a record! :wink:

Food for thought!
Cheers, fam!

Not sure if this one has been suggested yet, but this morning I was thinking it would be really cool to have a single strip from the Tetrapad as a 1U module.


I’d love a 1u Dual VCA or Dual LPG module. Also a small (4-6hp maybe?) SD card sample player like the Tip Top Audio One would be awesome.

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I’m a recent owner of a 7U performance case - just wanted to give my support to the precision adder mockup Danjel posted earlier - that would be a really handy addition.

Additionally, adding some basic ‘jack centric’ concepts like logic/rectifiers/min-max, etc. would also be very welcome.

Super streamlined Stereo hookups to the rear jacks are also preferable… The current option just takes up too much real eastate for those of us that can’t use it as a complete solution (mixing multiple voices outside the box), but a simple fixed level adjust ala the Addac Pedal Integrator would be worth it to me for reduced clutter… But I get that may not have wide appeal.

Anyways, just my personal input on the matter.


I’m sure this is in the thread somewhere but:
1U LFO (with attenuator)

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I like the idea of a Tetrapad (Monopad?)-type module, although it looks like it would end up being quite large. Something a little smaller and simpler, like trigger/gate buttons combined with a burst generator, would be cool too.

How about a gate switch/summer, or a low pass gate, or some more effects, like distortion, or a comb filter?

It’s probably too early for this, but how about updating the USB Power module to USB-C and 2hp?

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was thinking the other day a miniature mic input module would be cool

a balanced 1/8inch jack for the input, rainmaker style button for phantom and output jack. 2 knobs - gain, and gate threshold for a simple gate on the input

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The tools on my 1U row are invaluable and the input and output connectors on the Intelljel case were a major incentive to purchase including the midi connections. It has always been a frustration though to fill small gaps with modules I would find useful. The PulpLogic FSR with Interlinks Electronics (30-81794) force sensitive resistor, looks like lots of fun but with the patch points above the button it might be a little inaccessible. It would be nice to have something interactive that could sit in a small space, say 6-10hp, maybe like an attenuator wheel with scroll to move and click to hold voltage. The force sensitive resistor mentioned would also be nice for small spaces:)

Personally, these would be my top choices for 1u modules, in order:

  • switches: 2 (or 3) ins + 1 out + 1 switch - perhaps two of those chains stacked on top of each other, looking like the buffered mult module but with two of the jacks replaced with switches
  • buffered mutes: 1 in + 1 out + 1 switch - 3 of those chains, with the inputs normalled such that it can act as a switched mult. Ideally with on + off + momentary on switches
  • Crossfader
  • manual gate: arcade style button that can act as a 5v either momentary trigger or latched gate (where latch registers on button release) signal. Just a button and an output jack. Or a button and two output jacks, to allow both trigger and gate).

As has been mentioned, this is a performance oriented case, and those are all extremely useful and playable utilities for live performance. One of the hardest parts of performing a live modular set is fitting enough modules in a case to allow for transitioning between parts smoothly while still accommodating enough sound-producing & processing modules to keep a set interesting for an hour+.


If Steppy can be 1U, how about a 1U Scaley?


That might be handy!

Id love to see a few things from the isims 1U like the LPG, IN with envelope follower and a mini noise module like the quantum rainbow but only 4 outs White, Pink, Purple and Quanta.
I dont need a midi module as I use ansible but id love to utilize the midi interface on my case so i was thinking it would be fantastic would be a sync module, something tiny that just has 2 jacks sync 24 and run. It could maybe have 4 jacks and the last two could be a couple devisions like 16 and 4 or even sync in and out. This way you could sync to a DAW and then sync an old dinsync drum machine.


Working on an LPG, noise, inputs and envelope followers. Had thought about combining input and follow together but I think it might be better to separate into two modules.


My vote would go for Dual looping/triggered ASR/AR envelope generator with exp/lin cv (could also be used as dual LFOs) or a 1u sideways “Scales” with dual I/O & Seq. :wink: :v:

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id love a 1u scales also… any more updates on if this is in the works for the future?

Fantastic news about the LPG and a Noise module. Regarding the inputs what id love to see is a small tile for line/pedal integration with just two ins with a +18dB boost and two outs with -18dB cut like the strymon aa.1 or similar.

People has already mentioned similar things here but an audio interface to use with the 7U case USB connection would be very nice.