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1U modules wishlist


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A small output module (without input) connecting to the output jacks would be a fantastic space saving alternative to the big in/out module! :slight_smile:


Don’t remember seeing this earlier in this thread but a basic 1U “Recorder” module would be the JAM! Stereo In and a passthrough to Stereo Out. One button to stop/start record. Clock/trigger in to allow you capture loops if wanted.
At this point I use the Disting MK4 to record every single patch (def other options out there obv) and I now consider that an essential to any modular rig. Allows you to make a record! :wink:

Food for thought!
Cheers, fam!


Not sure if this one has been suggested yet, but this morning I was thinking it would be really cool to have a single strip from the Tetrapad as a 1U module.