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1U modules wishlist


making a smaller passive mult would be very cheap to do so that is more likely than another buff mult. I find that 10hp space is often coming up as a width I need to fill so it might be good to do either a 2 x 3 passive mult or 2 x 2:1 Unity Mixer ?



That should work fine. Routing or drilling holes in the anodized aluminum will be a little tough due to the hardened surface but still doable. Please share photos of the results!



Both of those would be handy. A buff mult would be preferable, obviously, but I clearly have no insight into the costs / business implications of making both options available.

I’m going to upgrade to a 104 once they’re out anyway, so will soon be academic for me!



In 10HP I think it would be a good idea to split it up. Have a 1-3 Buffered Multi and a 3-1 Unity Mixer.



It’d be nice if you could all agree on a 1U standard, before it’s too late, unless it’s already done.

/jonne, first post =)




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A small module 4HP similar to the USB power one but that outputs 9V for effect pedals. That would be super useful for the many people who use some pedals with their modular (no need for another adapter then)…



I’m thinking of building some of the USB power tiles into the cases, i.e. removing from tile and routing a spot for one on the back of the 7U between the handle and the USB jack, and one beside the power input/switch on the side of the 4U. I never considered that it would be tough due to the anodized factor. Is it that much tougher to drill/route than a 8awg aluminum panel?

Also regarding the OP; maybe a sequencer like uStep in 1U.



Also, a simple and small module with 4 jacks that connect to the 1/4" in/outs of the case and with fixed amplification/attenuation to handle line level to modular and modular to line level conversion.

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Idea–a small, button-based on/off module with input jack. With nothing in the input, the button would act as a gate on/off. With an input it’d act as a mute.

Currently, I typically use a channel of the quadratt (with no input) as an on/off “gate” to turn on/off he MI Elements “strike” input.



We have something for pedals coming very soon… I was thinking of making something specifically for interfacing to expression inputs too and perhaps that could be a good place to also add +9V source.



The surface will be a bit tougher but for a few holes it will be fine.

re: uStep
It would be very easy to adapt this for 1U. In fact all we would need to make is a new metal panel and you could then use with your existing uStep.



(+9V pedal power) : as long as it’s in a small module I’m all for it :slight_smile: . The TSP80W is enough to power everything I need if there are a few adapters in the case…



first post! excited for an intellijel forum
couple ideas i’ve had…

-“module” that is just rails for holding any 4HP module sideways in the 1u space.
-“4x dixie sine oscillator” module with 1 tuning knob per oscillator, v/oct input, FM input, and that lovely dixie sine wave output that we all love. If there was a switch to change it from Sine to Square would be cool too
-“playable logic mixer” i really love my Noise Engineering Integra Funkitius, the ability to easily send a few gate or clock signals to a mixer that can either pass unaffected, mix logically, or be muted from one knob (per channel) makes for a great live trick. The 1u idea could be condensed to focus on logic functions and could leave out CV control of the knob as i envision it to be more ‘live play’ focussed


  1. ModuleModule (like the Buchla one?)
    Not sure if that will ever happen from us but perhaps a 3rd party might want to do it?

  2. To make a Dixie since VCO that tracks well it would have almost everything that a full dixie has anyways other than the circuitry for saw shaper and PWM which is not many more parts.
    I don’t think this is something we would make in 1U. I more likely possibility is to make some kind of compact digital lfo type module.

  3. creative logic in 1u is certainly a possibility so long as it was something universally useful and yielded musical results. It would probably not be high on the priority list compared to making some purely performance oriented devices, simple fx and sequencers first.

The primary intended use of the 1U space was to fill it with the generic tools almost every user would need: audio i/o, midi, mults/routing, mixing etc. In this way the 3U space is reserved for the slightly more specialized / specific modules.



I would love something to handle CV panning of mono sources split into stereo outs. Not a huge mixer, no attenuation—

4x inputs
4x panning knobs
4x Panning CV Jacks
2x outs L/R

Could also be 3U, thinking like 6-8HP in this format



1U crossfader! (?)



A tuner/Scope would be cool. Not sure the form factor of 1U is ideal due to the vertical limitation for an OLED that would relay actually useful scope info, rather than just waveforms that are pretty to look at?
Tuner in 1U would be great though.



Make that a 1u stereo crossfader.



Thank you for the in depth reply

I would be very interested in the digital oscillator module, hoping it could track well to provide fm/sync oscillators too…yes the musical and rhythmic logic functions were my thought.

i also wanted to note that for me, in a performance rack, the outer edges have become valuable room that I want ‘important’ knobs to play, because there is less cable clutter so its easier access. I see the desire to want utility module space… but that is not necessarily how I would fill it.