1U Module Wishlist Poll

Would love a smaller uMidi 1U with just gate, pitch and two cc outs.

That would be great. Although, it would still need a Learn button, so might as well take advantage of the extra free space and include a Clock output as well.

I would be so happy if the LPG was just like the Dual VCA in function. Two LPGs in one with the normalization.

This suggestion is boring, but is there a possibility that the Quadratt will ever get upgraded to contain Duatt/Triplatt-like features, namely the 2x/+5/mute switches?


Hi all! would love a source of cv modulation or sequencing…something like a pam’s but in 1u format to free up the main section. Also a mixer, cross fader and multi fx processor inc stackable fx so eg reverb, distortion, ring mod simultaneously…

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a full 1u panel containing fx processor, utility tools cv sequencing, stereo ins/outs, headphones, cross fader and fx send options lots of routing options via internal menu and options…all contained in a single full length 1 u module.
This is an idea for the 4u palette case

Actually now that you mention it, a simple 1U 4-step voltage sequencer with 4 knobs, clock and reset/run input, and a voltage output would be pretty cool. Bonus points if there’s an option to chain multiple units to make longer sequences.


i would prefer this simple approach. must have reset though!
i could even see it being better with mini pots to save space

Im realy new to modular just got my first pallette 4 u and even as a total newbie i can see when scouring modular grid theres a load of scope for development of products for the 1u rail…im trying to put together a live rig and obviously my limitations (which i like having!) are the case and space contained there in.
So few options for cv modulation , sequencing and well pretty much anything…the steppy is awesome…but be good to have a cv sequencer aswell . Sorry if im being thick and missing something. By the way i bought a case and 4 of your modules so im well onboard with the company :blush::pray:

While it would probably take up too much space in a Palette, you can kind of use Steppy and Quadratt to create a voltage sequencer. If you take each output of Steppy to each input of Quadratt, then use the D output, you can dial in voltages for each active step with the knobs. It’s a weird way to sequence because if you have more than one active step the gate outputs will mix together to produce a higher voltage. Works best with the longest gate lengths. If you set each channel to a different length and run the output through a quantizer you can come up with some fun melodies and triggering reset can make it less random.

ok well I have the quadratt and never thought of that…sounds like fun to play around with…thanks dude…any products on the horizon for the 1u slots? cheers rob

with the 1u stereo out module a quadratt and 1u steppy don’t fit in the palette. hmmmm

Yeah, 62HP seems to be a somewhat difficult width for me to fill exactly. Every time I plan the 1U rail, it winds up being 64HP.

However, you can use Mixup instead of Stereo Line Out 1U. There aren’t a lot of options for filling the remaining 6HP in the 1U row though. Or you could get a 3U Steppy.

As for your other ideas, I think cramming a bunch of unrelated functions into a single large module kind of goes against the modular ethos. An effects unit that could do more than one effect at a time would be great, but there’d probably be a drop in the quality of the effects. I’m just using Clouds Parasites and a Korg NTS-1 for effects, so I’m not exactly super-picky, but I’m probably in the minority.

Totally hear what your saying about going against the modular ethos…my setup has Pam’s and Mimetic Digitalis kind of gouverning things…Plonk and Knit (plaits) my voices then i too have the monsoon parasite onboard. Plonk and monsoon take up alot of realestate. I just bought the intellijel multi fx which i use for chorus post monsoon which has crazy effect .
I Have the quadratt but not realy sure how i can use it ?

So many ways to use Quadratt! This video might help give you some ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f3vhLx4PRQ&t=74s

Attenuating modulation before you send it to Monsoon and Knit seems like a useful option. Duatt is a good way to get similar features in a smaller footprint.

I have a full-sized Marbles in my Palette (I don’t like tiny knobs, especially for a playable module like Marbles), so I feel your pain. I’m actually thinking about replacing/alternating it with Pam’s and Mimetic, or Steppy and Scales, or some other combination of those modules.

Of all the things mentioned in the video, I mostly use my Quadratt for CV attenuverting and mixing. One other thing I do with it is I put it in unipolar mode and send gates through it. Then I turn the knobs as far down as they’ll go without making the gates too weak to work. This allows me to use Quadratt as mutes with just a tiny turn of the knobs. It works great for getting a voice to stop playing notes without abruptly cutting off the last note’s decay.


Thanks for the tip man…so you wouldnt consider the pachinko ? Too fiddly i guess for you. I have little experience but the Mimetic seems like an awesome live sequencer…so intuative and fast to play. Im looking at a Minimus iteritas next . One day i would like one 4u pallette for drums and another for voices and modulation. I think the erica synths drum sequencer will look after my drums one day lol

I didn’t find out about Pachinko until after I bought Marbles, and I’m lazy about selling stuff. Plus, I’d like to see how the knobs/pots feel before buying one.

I was considering replacing my Marbles with Scales and Mimetic, but then I watched Divkids Marbles video all the way through and fell back in love with it. Still added a Scales though and that’s been a great addition.

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What does Scales do man?