1U Module availability


I just received my 7U 104HP case as this is my first build. It’s pretty awesome. I’m newbie so forgive the question. I’ve been able to get a number of my modules that I’ve planned out, but it seems there’s a lack of stock on nearly all of the 1U Intellijel modules pretty much globally. I’m assuming this is in part to the pandemic. At any rate I was a little surprised. Any insight or word when supply will generally start to be refilled. Sorry for the whining.


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I came to the Intellijel forum to find any information on this exact topic, so thanks for starting the thread, @Larry30102.

I’m hoping to hear future availability news about 1U modules (specifically Quadratt and Headphones Out, for me) as well as Intellijel 3U modules, in general. It seems like most Intellijel modules are out of stock everywhere, unfortunately.

It would be great to hear an official response to this topic, as well as some general commentary on how Intellijel is doing as a company and if the pandemic or other factors have hindered production in any way.



nightlife-electronics.com has stock of Headphones 1U, and you could consider 2x Duatt in a pinch.

Currently also ~20 other Intellijel 1U(s) labelled “Add to Cart”. Meanwhile, the rest (except Octalink and Quadratt) can be pre-ordered (which means they have been ordered from Intellijel and puts you in the queue).

Leave me some …plsthx

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Any news on the availability of the stereo line in 1u . ?

Please and thanks


Awesome, thank you for the tip, @zilvar!

I just ordered some parts for a case I’m building from the Netherlands, but for some reason I didn’t think about checking internationally for module stock (I’m in the United States).

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I ordered the stereo in 1U from Moog Audio here in Canada and they told me that it should arrive in a month’s time from their supplier.

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