1U Midi Query

Hi there
Is there any plans to have the 1U midi updated or a new version anytime soon?
I was thinking of something like the mutant brain hexinverter. Because in my situation for instance i feel like its a pity to have the midi in & out so well placed at the back but cant make use of them because 1 voice isn’t sufficient in my case.
I may be one of the few to ask for this perhaps?

Anyhow there are options like getting the mutant if no future plan to update/upgrade but thought perhaps i should ask here first… my case would be ergonomic if i want down this route!

Intellijel!! Is there a gap in your offerings ? :thinking::grinning:


I’d love it if the jacks on 1u MIDI could be configured using the web utility. Would be great to get 2/4 channels of MIDI into the case from the Octatrack.