1U LPG Availability?

Any idea when more 1U LPGs might be available? I ordered two from Sweetwater on December 3, 2020, and I’ve been told they’re delayed at least three times. Now they’re saying April. I know the global semiconductor shortage is wreaking havoc for manufacturers. Did I just have really terrible timing in when I ordered these modules? Is there another batch coming out soon?

I will check on monday. We have a huge batch of these that have been with our CM for quite some time. It should be very very soon as there are no part shortages impacting this at all and the order was placed with them many months ago…

Thanks Daniel! I could change my order to a different supplier, but I figure modular dealers will all be getting them at approximately the same time, right? (Also, do you happen to know if more Shiftys will be available soon?)

Thanks again!

Hey, I just wanted to follow up on this. It seems like the shipment from Sweetwater is delayed again? Thanks

I have preordered one from the german retailer musicstore on the 1st of july back in 2020 (the module was to be released on the 28th of july according to the store) and the shipping date has been pushed back further and further and is now at the 1st of june… should have jumped ship when i saw one in stock at schneidersladen. Guess that hole in my 1u row must wait :man_facepalming: