1U in the middle rather than on top

Are there any plans from Intellijel to update the 7U performance case to include holes so the 1U row can be moved to the middle?

This seems to be a common enough preference, and the two unofficially suggested options of drilling your own holes, or just using modules to provide the support both don’t seem great.

I’ve seen the reply from Intellijel (from 1 year ago) to Cinematic Laboratory’s “Intellijel Stealth 7U case hack” YouTube video that they “understand the desire for middle location 1U based on ergonomic patching and we will certainly take this into consideration for future case designs.”.

Just wondering if this is still being considered? Or if it’s been considered and decided against.

Often I use these diy things (pic) with the no-holes floating rail concept rather than rely on just the modules. One at each end for 84 and an extra middle one for 104hp rails.

Tend to agree from experience with the notion that in a full case the risers are not doing anything under normal circumstances. Good peace of mind tho: